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  • Are all the necessary study materials included in the price?

    All study documents that are required for the respective studies are included in the price.

  • Are there any additional costs while studying?

    The course fees are flat rates and include all costs for the examinations taken. When exceeding the average study duration of 36 months additional costs arise in the amount of € 300 per semester.

  • May credits be made on the basis of preliminary studies?

    Yes, because of already made equivalent coursework in an expert training course for up to 18 ECTS ( = 3 modules ) and in the MBA up to 30 ECTS ( = 5 modules ) shall be counted . For interested persons it is possible to pre-test the possible credits by the program director.

  • How does the supervision of students work during distance learning?

    Responsible for the supervision of students is the study service. Academics from all disciplines make the ongoing support and inquiries of all kinds available. We try to answer all inquiries within 24 hours weekdays. Students also have the opportunity to discuss with other students on the study platform CAMPUS in special study groups.

  • How long does the procedure of admission take?

    After submission of all required documents, the confirmation of admission takes place within one week and the study can be started immediately.

  • How do the module checks operate in the AIM - courses?

    There are basically two test variants:

    1) Seminar work: The examination is not to solve like a classic , time-limited examination as quickly as possible and in abbreviated form based on the memorized material, but by using all matching and thinking possible aid and any additional research. The test task may be requested at any time through the campus and for testing drafting the deadline 14 days.

    2) Exam: This test has to be solved with the help of PC. For each exam the students have 100 minutes to complete in order to answer questions about what you've learned. In this test form only activated devices for the respective test shall be used (eg legal texts). The test can be solved either on your own PC at any time from home (the use of SecureExam is required) or in an exam center (currently Wels or Eisenstadt) by appointment.

  • Am I in the study time location- and time-independent?

    Yes, Our online study platform CAMPUS ensures that you can always access your study materials. The campus is a web-based solution, a local installation on your PC is not necessary. In the studies there are no mandatory classroom sessions and you can complete your studies completely at home.

  • Is a study start at any time possible?

    Yes, there is no fixed term organization - a study start is possible at any time.



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