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Methodological Studies

Short-Course / Online Study


Methodological Studies // Study-Description

Educational Objective

The objective of this course is to guide students on preparing their writing process and building foundation to undertake basic research. Students gain insights into how scientific research is conducted. The module is designed to familiarise the students with research process and discuss the ideas, terms, techniques and methods using real cases. The students should be able to understand the principles of research methods, to develop hypothesis and methodology for research and be able to write a scientific paper.


Prof. Petra Hauptfeld
Anches Holzweber
Marie Deissl-O'Meara
Laura Heinonen, PhD MSc
Mag. Sigrid Neustifter, MBA MPA



The module "Methodological Studies" consists of two parts, the "Introduction to Academic Writing" and "Research Methods".Part one of the "Methodological Studies" provides an introduction to science and its theory and the preparing steps for the writing process as well. The textbook should enable students to formulate a disposition and to write a thesis with an accurate wording. Part two offers students a view on several research methods and the ideas and techniques behind them.
  • Introduction to Science
  • Theory of Science
  • Research Question and Research Topic
  • Ovierview of Research Methods
  • Systematic Approach of the Research Process
  • Preparing the Writing Process
  • Framing the Hypothesis
  • Definitions in Science
  • Formulation of Claims
  • Scientific Argumentation/Reasoning
  • How to Structure an Argument
  • Features of Formal Writing
  • Signposting and Sentences
  • Accurate Wording
  • Idiomatic Expressions
  • Organization of a Scientific Paper
  • The Research Proposal
  • The Structure
  • The Introduction
  • Text Structure
  • The Conclusion
  • The Writer's Voice
  • Introducing other Authors
  • Referencing Literature
  • Referencing Data, Tables and Graphs
  • Research and Choice of Literature
  • Assets
  • ...........


The admission for the study is based on the chronological order of registration via the application form. You can find the application form further down. Simply press the button "Download Application form", fill in the form and send it to us.

For further questions please contact us.

Study Duration


There are no fixed semester dates or time limits.

After the admission you will get access to the study platform Campus. Here you can attend lectures online, study the scripts and ask questions about your study in the forum - or contact the study department directly. If you feel ready, please order the examination materials. You have two weeks to prepare your seminar work. After delivery via IT experts assess your work within four weeks and subsequently you will obtain your examination certificate.

Our study department will guide you throughout the entire duration of the e-learning program and will accompany you with help and deed.


The distance-learning course will be conducted using state-of-the-art distance learning technologies and researched pedagogical practice of "Technology-Based Education".

On doing so following technical tools will be used:

  • Online-Campus (central study- and examination platform)
  • Discussion forums
  • Access to online-medias (lectures and scripts)
  • Newsletter and subscriptions
  • wwlibs (relevant literature)


The successful completion of the written examination (approx. 10 pages) covering the entire course content is required for receiving the certificate.


The public support, as well as the tax deduction of education and training expenses is subject to different tax regulations in different countries. Please check this with your financial legal representative or the competent tax authority.


Please find the costs of this continuing education program in the price list. We stay at your entire disposal for further questions. 



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