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Professional MBA Leadership & Business Strategy (coming soon)

Coming 2021!

Leadership matters because people matter! Graduates of the Professional MBA Leadership & Business Strategy course are offered a wide range of opportunities in middle and senior management in all areas of export-oriented business and industry, particularly in internationally operating companies, non-profit organizations and public administration.

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3 semesters




AKTION 7900 €
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MBA - Master of Business Administration


The Professional MBA Leadership & Business Strategy provides the necessary knowledge and skills to lead and manage an organization successfully and sustainably. Thus on the one hand founders, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, but also all those who are in a leadership position or aspire to such a position are addressed.  

The master course of studies in the correspondence course is ideally suited for people who:

  • have a management function in an organization or will have one in the future
  • have an interest in a sound education in order to acquire the necessary professional qualifications for higher management positions
  • would like to start or expand your own business.
  • would like to further educate yourself in business administration.
  • would like to obtain an academic degree while working.


The Professional MBA Leadership & Business Strategy is composed of 60 ECTS and can be completed 100% online in 18 months at own time-management.  The master's course consists of two sections and a master's thesis:

Section 1: Basics (24 ECTS)

  • Principles of Management and Economics (6 ECTS)
  • Business Strategy (6 ECTS)
  • Human Ressource Management (6 ECTS)
  • Leadership (6 ECTS)

Section 2: Deepening (24 ECTS)

  • Project Management (6 ECTS)
  • Marketing & Sales Strategy (6 ECTS)
  • Professional Business Planning (6 ECTS)
  • Business Law (6 ECTS)

Section 3: Master's Thesis (12 ECTS)

  • The final thesis of the master's course is written as an interdisciplinary master's thesis on the topic the business strategy with a strong focus on empirical usability. 
  • The course will provide a methodological framework for the development of a business plan created as a case study. This forms the basis for the final thesis to be a concrete Business Plan as an exemplary case study.


The program is conducted by 

  • Austrian Institute of Management (AIM) of the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland GmbH,  Thomas-A.-Edison-Straße 2, 7000 Eisenstadt
  • ASAS Aus- und Weiterbildung GmbH, Dragonerstraße 38, 4600 Wels


After the successful check of the admission requirements, you can start your studies.

ASAS guides the students through the course contents by means of question catalogs. The questionnaires are used by the students like a red thread to systematically work through the study materials and facilitate the transfer of knowledge. The elaboration of the question catalogs is supported by direct access to the online library of the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland. Our distance learning courses are conducted using modern distance learning technology in accordance with the didactic and pedagogical findings of "technology-based education". 

Students are offered the following technical aids, among others:

  • Online Campus (central study and examination platform)
  • Access to online media (interactive lectures and scripts)
  • Questionnaires
  • Online Video Library
  • Access online library of the FH Burgenland
  • PSI Secure Browser License (for online testing


Successful graduates of the MBA program are awarded the academic degree: "Master of Business Administration in Professional Leadership and Business Strategy" - abbreviated "MBA" - by the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland.


The MBA, awarded by the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland, is internationally leading and can also be used in all public documents.

Berufsrechtliche Folgen

The final certificate can bring different trade licenses in different countries. Please get in contact with local authorities for further information. 


Admission to the distance learning course is granted by the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland if at least one of the following aptitudes is present: 

  • An internationally recognized academic degree from a university (at least equivalent to a Bachelor's degree) OR
  • an aptitude to be determined by the course director and to be equivalent to the university entrance qualification and at least five years of professional experience OR
  • Completion of an expert course (university course, course for further education of a university of applied sciences or a course of university character) to the extent of at least 60 ECTS OR 
  • Completion of an equivalent course by ASAS with at least three years professional experience OR
  • Positive completion of a standardized written entrance examination, at least five years of professional experience and a minimum age of 21

Definition of professional practice:

Actual work experience as well as formal and informal training, which allows the conclusion that principles of management and organization have been imparted and social competence has been developed.

The versatility of the educational landscape possibly allows a different approach to your distance learning. Please contact us, together we will find the optimal solution for your further education!


In this programme, examinations that have already been passed can not be submitted for credit. 


AKTION! Bis 15.05.2021 können 20 Personen zum ermäßigten Lehrgangspreis von 7.900€ aufgenommen werden. Die Anzahl der offenen Plätze werden nach positivem Zulassungsbescheid reduziert. Für weitere Infos bitten wir um Kontaktaufnahme unter 0043 676 612 9589 oder unter info@asasonline.com.


The registration for the study program is done at ASAS. You can either register online or download the registration documents as PDF files at the bottom of the page. Once we have received the registration documents, your admission requirements will be checked and a decision will be made by the course management regarding your admission to the course for further education. After admission to the course, you will receive the access data for the Online Campus and can access the documents immediately.

We are happy to inform and advise prospective students personally before admission. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@asasonline.com


Der Professional MBA Lehrgang hat eine Mindeststudiendauer von 18 Monaten bzw. eine Regelstudiendauer von 24 Monaten. Als maximale Lehrgangsdauer gilt die doppelte Regelstudiendauer (48 Monate). Die Lehrgangsgebühren decken die Regelstudiendauer von 24 Monaten ab. Weitere Details können in den AGB nachgelesen werden. Der Beginn ist jederzeit möglich. 

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